Nathan – Control Systems Lead, Vehicle Payload Retention

Nathan is a senior mechanical engineering student who has been involved in model rocketry and has experience working for an industrial launch service provider. He is excited to help establish the UMass Rocketry program in its first year at UMass. Outside of building rockets, one can find Nathan riding, fixing, designing, and fabricating bicycles.

Andrew – Safety Office, AGSE Lead

Andrew is a senior in mechanical engineering, Andrew has always enjoyed the creative design aspect of engineering. With his strong background in systems engineering as well as a start in Arduino and robotics he is excited to build rovers and rockets. When he is not living in his primary habitat, the engineering lab, Andrew enjoys lifting things up and putting them down at the gym, as well as painting and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.





Max – Vehicle Lead, Team Leader

Max is working on completing his senior year as a mechanical engineering student. Max has experience with additive manufacturing, prototyping of robotic systems and finite element analysis. With a healthy appetite for all things space he was the team member who originally discovered the student launch and the one who pulled the team together. When he isn't in ELab working on his next assignment he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, snowboarding or playing Kerbal Space Program.




Greg – Vehicle and Payload Recovery Systems Lead, Systems Interaction 

Greg is a senior mechanical engineering student with a love for everything aerospace. Greg is excited to apply hisclassroom knowledge to a field that he is truly passionate about. With a lack of aerospace related courses at UMass, he is eager to co-pioneer this launch initiative to establish a sustainable program for other UMass engineers with similar interests to be a part of for years to come. Greg has been involved with light model rocketry for many years and has extensive fiberglass and maker experience. Outside of the classroom Greg enjoys sailing, kayaking, and learning how to fly.